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A day of dopamine fasting in San Francisco. The United Automobile Workers said the tentative contract agreement would provide wage increases and improve the prospects of temporary employees. China's Sinopec Corp plans to build a fleet of 100 barges over the next three years to supply marine fuel compliant with new global emission standards, said a Chinese shipping executive with direct knowledge of the matter. She welcomed her third child, daughter Isla Rose, with her cricketer husband David Warner in June. It's been a two-horse race this year to be named the world's most powerful passport, with both top contenders in Asia.
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King Mswati III has imported 19 Rolls-Royces and as many as 120 BMWs into Swaziland, some of which were seen being shipped from South Africa earlier this month. The luxury tour operator Belmond is offering a Wine Academy on three Burgundy-based barges. The high street stalwart said half-year profits fell 17 per cent to 177m as clothing sales dived 5.5 per cent. It confirmed a 40 per cent cut in the interim dividend from 6.5p to 3.9p per share. Would you like your dog transformed into a panda? The letter - published on November 7 on Medium by a group calling themselves FB Blind - comes a year after a coworker's letter went viral for showing how Facebook was failing its black staff. As the House opens public hearings into whether President Trump committed high crimes and misdemeanors, the battle over President Bill Clintons impeachment 21 years ago looms large. Researchers from New York and Israel conducted an experiment with 634 heterosexual students who engaged in debates after either being primed with sexual or neutral stimuli. A newly-released NASA study has found the atmosphere over the Amazon rainforest in South America has been drying out over the past 20 years and that human activity is the primary cause.