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Know And Dress Your Body Type

Know And Dress Your Body Type

1. Banana - this body shape means that your chest, waist and hips are virtually in equal width/circumference. They are saying that in all of the shapes, this is the most"boyish" of all, but they've an advantage because they can wear V-necks or brief skirts without looking too skimpy. What to wear: Something that highlights your waist, or flatters your chest and hips. Belts are your folks because they make your waist look smaller. Accomplice any chiffon dress with a thick belt which makes your waist look smaller, which automatically makes your chest and hips look equally proportioned.

2. Apple - this body shape means that your higher body is in bigger proportion than in your decrease body reminiscent of hips or legs. Other body shapes envy this body shape because most have 'giant breasts' which make them look sexy. Since they've small proportioned legs, they can wear short skirts or shorts without looking awkward or bulky. What to wear: Something that decreases the scale of your chest and arms, and flaunts your legs. Long sleeved blouses and dresses, paired with shorts or skirts are the way to go! Pair a cardigan with cute shorts or your favorite jeans.

3. Pear - This body type implies that your lower body is in larger proparts than your upper body. Many women complain with this body shape because they have difficulty looking for something that can make their hips look smaller. In case you know the trick to making your hips look smaller, you won't have to fret a couple of thing. What to wear: Look for something that hides the hips, such as a pleated dress. Any decrease garment that does not hug the shape of your hips is an efficient idea.

4. Hourglass - congrats! You have got a equally proportional chest and hips, with a small waist. This means that any clothing that highlights the smallness of your waist and highlights your chest and/or hips, will flatter your body shape. What to wear: Look for clothes that hug your body shape, but make positive that the you will only select to flatter either your upper or lower body aside from your waist. Wearing cleavage revealing tops and quick bottoms will make your look cheap. The key is subtly being subtly sexy, equivalent to a bodycon mini dress.

Remember, these are just primary tips. The principle is flaunt your positives, and pacify your negatives. One other thing, it's not just what you wear, but it's additionally about you, the wearer. It's the way you carry yourself, being confident even if you are just wearing sweatpants and a raggy shirt. Happy shopping ladies!

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