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Here's what a good walking pace is for one mile

Here's what a good walking pace is for one mile

The goal of a mile per day is a fantastic method to incorporate walking into your daily workout routine and benefit from the health benefits.

Have you ever wondered about how long it takes to walk for a mile? The length of your mile, of course, depends on the average speed you walk at. But, a pace guideline can give you an idea of the time it takes to walk a mile.

Walking is a natural human movement, since we are the sole habitually bipedal, ambulatory primates. This means that we stand on two legs. We can walk and run from this upright position. It is therefore natural that walking is among the most popular types of exercise. There is no need for any special equipment or skills. According to the American Heart Association (AHA) Walking is beneficial to your health. 150 minutes of walking per week can help you:

Improve cognitive function Reduce disease risk Lower blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health Increase stamina and energy Improve your quality of your Prevent weight gain

How long will a mile take?

The goal of walking a mile every day is an excellent way to incorporate more exercise into your day and enjoy the benefits of being active. For those who are new to walking the mile might seem to be a lengthy walk however for the majority of people it's a simple goal to ach