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Top 10 10 Things to Consider When Obtaining a Psychic Reading

Top 10 10 Things to Consider When Obtaining a Psychic Reading

Let's face it: there are a lot of bad psychics out there. Or more accurately, plenty of bad people masquerading as psychics.

There are those who victimize probably the most vulnerable members of our society by either failing to tell them the reality (in the end, they make much more money feeding into people's fantasies), or telling them outright lies for the exact same reason.

The word "Psychic" originates from the Greek work psychikos and means "of the mind" or "of the psyche." It does not make reference to mind-reading or fortune telling or similar mind-blowing parlor tricks.

Unfortunately these are popular misconceptions, predicated on media mockery and the unscrupulous practices of some who utilize them to create a quick buck.

Psychic readings can be tremendously valuable, so long as you approach them with both an open mind and a healthy sense of logic.

Your session should involve some give and take, and can suffer when either of the falls out of balance. If your psychic asks too many questions, you might question whether the information you're provided is "real" or is a natural assumption predicated on what you've already revealed. But if alternatively you're too closed-off to supply feedback for the info you're receiving, your psychic is probably not able to tap into the regions of your psyche that are necessary to inform a good reading.

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